Kingdom Shop

John and Dorothy Ndimukulaga have twelve children, some adopted, some fostered, and some biological. In 2001, Dorothy started working for Children Restoration Outreach (CRO), which was a rehabilitation center for children who lived on the street. “It was here that the love for taking care of children developed,” she states.

Four of their adopted children lost their parents at a very young age. When no one in their communities stepped up to help, John and Dorothy did not hesitate to expand their family to include these two children.

Two of their foster daughters had to be removed from their home when police kept finding their mom, who is a commercial sex worker, in the streets at night with them. The two girls are half-sisters, and one of their dad’s is Dorothy’s brother, who is an alcoholic. Eventually, the authorities started looking for other family members to take care of the girls. Once again, John and Dorothy did not hesitate to take these girls in as their own.

Along with their four biological children, they also have taken in two of Dorothy’s nieces after her sister passed away many years ago

In 2020, during the height of COVID in Uganda, CRO closed, causing Dorothy to lose her job. John was still able to maintain his job as a Market Master, collecting revenue for the Jinja City Council. However, with 12 children to take care of, this wasn’t covering all of their necessary costs.

In November 2021, the two started brainstorming other ways to create an income. They decided to start a small retail shop in their village of Soweto, called Kingdom Shop.

Unfortunately, the prices kept shooting up until they could no longer afford the rent. They just recently had to shift the shop to their home. They are currently trying to freshen up their home to make it look more inviting to customers as they continue to try and stock up on inventory.

C.A.U.S.E. UGANDA is humbled to partner with such sacrificial and humble people. Your giving will help this family of 14 stay together, stay provided for, and stay encouraged.