Abey Grocery Shop

Owomugisha Gorret Blessing (Nisha) is a single mother of six (Rebecca, Joy, Esther, Joan, Jacob and Anisha Jolden). Not long after her last child was born, her husband abandoned the entire family. It has been a struggle to feed her family, pay for all of their school fees, and to find adequate housing, but Nisha is never slow to see how God has provided for them. “God has been with us and we have survived and are still going by His grace,” she says, beaming with adoration for her Creator. 

One way that God has provided for her is through Abey Grocery Shop. She started this small but impactful business in 2017. Within two years, she was able to use the money she made and saved to purchase 13 goats. Things were looking great for Nisha and her six children. Then, on August 23, 2019, everything changed. “I had gone to church for night prayers, and when I came back I found everything that belonged to me was burned in a fire, including my 13 goats. But my children survived by God’s mercy who rescued them! Apart from the clothes we were wearing all my properties were burned by the fire” she somberly remembers.  

Every time Nisha retells this story, tears flood her eyes. “The memories are fresh as if it happened yesterday. But I want to thank my Lord Jesus Christ. Through good Samaritans who have brought some items for us to use, the Lord almighty has provided.” 

C.A.U.S.E. Uganda is excited to partner with Nisha. Through your giving, we will be able to help ease her struggle in providing for her family of seven.